5 Top Ports From Around The World

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  04.22.2022

Originating from Portugal (so it’s not just a clever name), Port is a fortified sweet red wine. Flavors typically range from dark berries and dried fruit to chocolate and caramel. This rich and complex wine is produced all over the world and in many different styles. Of course, Port is great when drunk traditionally, after dinner or as dessert, but also works well in a variety of cocktails.

Try these 5 Port wines next time you are seeking that deep, nuanced flavor.

Cat Amongst the Pigeons Fat Cat Tawny, Barossa, Australia

Crafted from specially selected parcels of fruit, this blend of wines up to 9 years in age is carefully matured in seasoned oak barrels. Flavors of caramel, orange peel, and raisin characteristics are balanced by a lively freshness and crisp acidity. It is an intense wine with luscious mouthfeel and superior balance.

Arrington Vineyards Encore Ruby Port, Tennessee 2018

Made from Chambourcin, a relatively new grape – it was commercialized in 1963 – this French-American hybrid has taken off thanks to its vibrant red color and supple mouthfeel. It is a “teinturier”, meaning it has red-tinged juice – most red grapes produce clear liquid, with the color coming from the skins. Arrington Vineyards “Encore” Ruby Port, is produced in Tennessee and is a Ruby style Port wine with aromas of candied pecans and flavors of mocha cherries.  It is rich and sweet with a long, warm finish.

Deep, dark mahogany in color with notes of dried fruits and nutty aromas. Complex and full of elegant fruit flavor, it is stacked with layers of caramel and nuts culminating in a long, silky finish.

Ursa Vineyards Vinum Dulces Bourbon Barrel Aged Souzão, Sierra Foothills 2015

This wine hails from the Sierra Foothills, but it is aged in Texas bourbon barrels. Highlighted by aromas and flavors of black currant, cherry cordial, plum jam, and ripe orange zest, this wine is rich and complex.

Grape Creek Vineyard Port, Texas

This Ruby style Port is produced mainly with Touriga Nacional and some Petite Sirah.  Rich, reddish brown in color, the initial aromas is of sweet, ripe cherries.  As the wine opens up, mixed nuts add to the pleasant nose.  On the palate, layers of holiday baking spices including vanilla, cinnamon, allspice, and clove concludes in a creamy, elegant, lingering finish.From husband and wife team Sierra and James Clark comes this new California amaro with a round and luscious mouthfeel and pronounced bitterness. The apricots, walnuts, meyer lemon and cinnamon in Brucato Orchards play well with sweeter sparklings, think Moscato d’Asti or Cremant, and an amontillado sherry in the vermouth role. A lemon twist is nice; a sprig of thyme really pushes it over the top.