A Taste of California Through Beer

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  01.16.2024

In a state celebrated for its wine, discover how brewers in California are carving their niche, infusing creativity and flavors into each brew.

Dokkaebier Lemongrass Witbier with Szechuan and Black

Inspired by the cloudy, wheat-heavy beers first brewed in the Netherlands, this witbier incorporates lemongrass and 2 kinds of peppercorns to impart spicy, floral notes to its bready base.

Malibu Brewing Company First Point IPA

This carefully crafted American IPA offers balanced notes of pine and citrus, kissed with melon and orange zest.

Oak Park Brewing Co OPB IPA

Pours golden yellow with a bright white head. The nose is filled with tropical fruit and ripe papaya. Each sip begins with dank hoppiness and ends with notes of grapefruit peel lingering on the tongue.

Crown & Hops Brewing Co. SLAYS Stout

This maple-glazed pecan stout brewed with maple, cinnamon, pecan, and vanilla is the stout you want to crush with cookies.

California, known globally for its wine prowess, unfolds yet another facet of its rich culinary tapestry through craft beer. The state’s brewers, inspired by traditions and fueled by innovation, have elevated beer into an art form. Visit our results page to discover more award-winning brews from the 2023 World Beer Competition.