ANA Takes Flight as the Winner of Best Airline Beverage Program 2023

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  12.18.2023

Embark on a journey of taste with All Nippon Airways (ANA), recognized as the winner of the prestigious Tasting Alliance Best Airline Beverage Program 2023 award. ANA’s commitment to offering passengers an authentic experience extends beyond the clouds, allowing travelers to explore the rich and diverse world of Japanese beverages.

From the refined art of brewing sake, which has been perfected over centuries, to the internationally acclaimed Japanese whiskey, ANA invites passengers to savor the essence of Japan through its thoughtfully curated beverage program. Whether you’re enjoying a flight, exploring bars, or perusing stores at the airport, ANA provides a gateway to the authentic vibes of Japan’s drinking culture.

As part of their dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, ANA released the Suntory for the 30th Anniversary, a collector’s item that commemorates three decades of excellence. Encased in a distinctive blue pottery bottle with an original box, this exclusive Suntory release embodies the spirit of celebration and sophistication that ANA brings to the skies.

For passengers aboard ANA flights, the journey becomes a seamless exploration of Japan’s diverse alcoholic offerings, showcasing the country’s proud traditions and innovation in the world of spirits. ANA’s commitment to excellence in its beverage program truly sets it apart, providing passengers with an unparalleled in-flight experience that rivals even the most celebrated liquor cabinets on the ground.