Best Beverage Restaurant Program 2023: SingleThread

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  12.11.2023

SingleThread has emerged as a culinary gem that seamlessly blends farm-to-table dining with a touch of Japanese philosophy. Recently honored with the title of the Best Beverage Restaurant Program for 2023 by The Tasting Alliance, SingleThread has truly set itself apart in the culinary world.

A Symphony of Seasonal Delights

At the core of SingleThread’s culinary experience is a 10-course tasting menu that serves as a canvas for showcasing the seasonal harvest directly from the on-site farm. Nestled in the scenic Dry Creek Valley, SingleThread Farm spans 24 acres thriving under the care of thoughtful farmers dedicated to responsible land management.

Driven by a commitment to respect the land and work in harmony with nature, SingleThread embraces a hands-on approach to minimize its impact on the environment. The result is an abundance of nutrient-dense produce, stunning flowers, and a vibrant biological habitat that enhances the overall dining experience.

Beyond Farm-to-Table: SingleThread Wines

Adding another layer to the SingleThread experience is SingleThread Wines, an online wine store affiliated with the 3-star Michelin Restaurant, Farm, and Inn. Curated by the esteemed Wine Director, Chris McFall, the wine program is a testament to the commitment to excellence that defines SingleThread.

Chris McFall, named Best New Sommelier by Wine & Spirits Magazine in 2012, brings his expertise to SingleThread, elevating the wine offerings with unique pairings throughout the year. The carefully selected small-production wines and saké from around the world available at SingleThread Wines aim to connect patrons with exceptional choices, offering curated subscriptions and personalized service.

The SingleThread Difference

SingleThread’s success lies in its commitment to sustainability, respect for the land, and a holistic approach to dining. The seamless integration of a working farm, a world-class restaurant, and an exceptional wine program makes SingleThread a standout destination, deserving of its title as the Best Beverage Restaurant Program for 2023. The experience is not just a meal; it’s a journey through the seasons, a celebration of flavors, and a testament to the artistry of culinary and agricultural craftsmanship.