Spotlight on Excellence: The Best Dark/Gold Rum Finalists at the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  05.28.2024

The 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, renowned for its celebration of craftsmanship and quality, is set to announce its Best in Class winners at the Top Shelf 2024 Awards Gala. This year’s dark and gold rum category features an impressive lineup of contenders from around the world. These rums exemplify the rich, complex flavors and storied traditions that define the category. Here’s a closer look at the finalists:

Ron Añejo Calazan

Ron Añejo Calazan is an exceptional value from Venezuela, offering remarkable quality at an affordable price. This dark rum embodies the rich traditions of Venezuelan rum-making, delivering deep, complex flavors with every sip. Its smooth profile and nuanced sweetness make it a versatile choice for both sipping and mixing.

Phraya Deep Matured Gold Rum

Phraya Deep Matured Gold Rum is a premium offering from Thailand, known for its meticulous aging process and luxurious profile. This gold rum is characterized by its aromatic notes of overripe banana, which lend a unique sweetness and depth. The careful maturation process results in a well-balanced rum that is as delightful on its own as it is in refined cocktails.

Holmes Cay Fiji Single Blended Rum

Holmes Cay Fiji Single Blended Rum captures the essence of the South Pacific with its bright and lively flavor profile. This single blended rum is a testament to Fiji’s pristine environment and rich distilling heritage. With a higher proof and vibrant taste, it promises an invigorating experience that stands out among its peers.

Black Tot Finest Caribbean

Black Tot Finest Caribbean is a harmonious blend of rums from Guyana, bringing together the best flavors of the Caribbean. This rum offers a balanced and complex profile, making it a favorite among connoisseurs. Its robust character and smooth finish make it a versatile addition to any rum enthusiast’s collection.

Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve 2023

Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve 2023 is a luxurious and powerful expression from the Caribbean. With a higher alcohol content and a premium price tag, this rum is designed for the discerning palate. The Master Blender’s Reserve is celebrated for its depth, complexity, and rich flavors. 

Each of these finalists represents the pinnacle of dark and gold rum production, showcasing the diversity and richness of flavors that this category has to offer. Whether you prefer the value and tradition of Ron Añejo Calazan or the luxurious complexity of Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve, there is something for every rum enthusiast to appreciate in this year’s lineup.