Best Flavored Beers at The Tasting Alliance 2023 World Beer Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  01.04.2024

The Best Flavored Beers highlighted at The Tasting Alliance’s 2023 World Beer Competition redefine brewing boundaries. From spruce-infused ales to raspberry tributes and decadent chocolate stouts, these finalists epitomize the evolution of flavor exploration in the brewing landscape.

Best Flavored Beer Herbal & Spice Beer: Einstök Winter Ale

Brewed with hand-cut and whisky-cured spruce and smoked Icelandic barely, this ale perfectly complements your sagas of conquests and survivals during the harsh winter months.

Best Flavored Beer Fruit Beer: Urban Artifact Kilobyte

‘Kilobyte’ – a 10% ABV golden raspberry fruit tart that’s 1024 bytes of taste, reminiscent of the days when pixels ruled the screen and floppy disks held secrets. floppy disks were our data companions. Collaborating with a dedicated farmer, the brewery brought the essence of golden raspberries to life, a tribute to eras gone by. This is over 4 years in the making. Crafted with precision by brew artisans, the recipe intertwines nostalgia and innovation.

Best Flavored Beer Chocolate/Coffee Beer: Otherwise Brewing Hella Nibs Chocolate Stout

If you’re a fan of big, bold dessert beers, this is the brew for you! The base for Hella Nibs is a mix of millet and rice malts, selected to emphasize caramel sweetness and a beautiful black hue. The brewery then adds a touch of roasted buckwheat malt, which contributes a subtle hazelnut note, blending into the background and helping the chocolate flavor pop. The result is a lush, fudgy, chocolate-forward drinking experience that goes great with—or replaces—dessert.

Best Flavored Flavored Beer Sour Beer: Rodenbach Alexander

A blend of 1/3 young and 2/3 two-year-old ale matured in oak foeders, that is macerated with sour cherries.


SLAYS Stout by Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. is a 6% ABV marvel that weaves together the flavors of Maple Glazed Pecans, Cinnamon, and Vanilla into a velvety stout. Crafted with precision and passion by the dynamic duo, Teo Hunter and Beny Ashburn, Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. stands as a beacon of diversity and inclusivity in the craft beer landscape. With a commitment to excellence and community empowerment, every brew encapsulates a story of heritage, innovation, and unbridled flavor.

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