Best Gin Finalists and Winner | 2023 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  09.13.2023

The official results of the 2023 New York World Wine and Spirits competition have been unveiled, featuring the announcement of the Gin Sweeps winners. Let’s take a glimpse at the 2023 Best Gin Finalists and the Overall Winner.

Best Gin Finalist: Ohoro Gin

This gin is crafted with botanicals like sweet gale and Japanese mint sourced from Hokkaido, combined with the pristine underground water (soft water) from Niseko Annupuri. The outcome is a crystal-clear spirit characterized by a smooth yet robust core flavor, complemented by a subtle citrus aroma. It serves as an ideal cocktail base for classics like gin & tonics and martinis.

Best Gin Finalist: Callington Mill Distillery Poltergeit Citrus

This gin dares to be different – it’s bold and courageous. A true explosion of citron flavors. It is an audacious, adventurous, and fearless gin that bursts with citrus notes of lime and orange. This aromatic gin is perfectly served with a splash of your favorite tonic or soda or simply over ice.

Best Flavored Gin Finalist: Me Gin Pink Pepper

ME (Mzero Experience) represents the most intense creation of Mzero Sealab, an Italian leader in next generation spirits. Our Chief Alchemist, Raffaele Cammarella, had set out to create the best ever gin&tonic for his personal use and the result got us so excited that we had to make this gin available to everyone! A selection of essences, spirits and scents of the Mediterranean (all taken nearby Raffaele’s home on Calabria’s coastline) carefully harvested and captured in limited edition bottles of ME gin.

Our first is ME Pink Pepper: the celebration of pink pepper’s fresh and pungent taste, carefully blended with individually infused berries, herbs and spices. Its signature flavor makes it unmistakable in any drink and cocktail.

Best Flavored Gin Finalist: DiBaldo Spirits Au79 Saffron Gin

AU 79 is the Dry Gin created by Baldo Baldinini, the result of meticulous raw materials’ craftsmanship, strictly selected by DiBALDO through the most precious herbs and essences for perfumery. Its aromatic chords walk amongst the Silk Road, from the Mediterranean coast towards the deep East, building an aromatic landscape never seen before. Thanks to its aromatic profile, it raises mixology to a new level and expresses all its glow in a gastronomic pairing, both in the preparation of the dish and in a tasting pairing.

The raw materials used for AU 79 are carefully crafted to preserve their deep identity, one of which is the golden color of the gin.

Best Overall Gin: Tipplemill London Dry Gin

Tipplemill Distillery, the premium gin producer from the British countryside, is launching its first London Dry Gin into the UK market. Based in South Lincolnshire, Tipplemill is made with wheat grown in harmony with nature on the family farm, ground between millstones of the tallest working windmill in the UK, making it the UK’s – and possibly the world’s – only windmill-made gin.

This exquisite gin is presented in a bespoke bottle that narrates the brand’s heritage, featuring a prominent windmill at the center. The cork stopper takes the shape of a millstone, further drawing light on the brand’s rich heritage.