Discover the Best Herbal/Botanical Liqueur Finalists from the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  06.14.2024

Herbal and botanical liqueurs offer a fascinating journey through a world of complex flavors and aromas. The 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition highlighted some exceptional entries in this category, each showcasing unique ingredients and masterful craftsmanship. Here are the top herbal/botanical liqueur finalists vying for the ultimate award, to be announced at the Top Shelf Awards Gala.

JING Chinese Jing Jiu

JING Chinese Jing Jiu stands out with its rich heritage and unique flavor profile. This liqueur is crafted using a blend of traditional Chinese herbs and botanicals, resulting in a drink that is both complex and harmonious. Its deep, earthy notes are complemented by hints of sweetness and a delicate herbal finish, making it a distinctive choice for those who appreciate sophisticated flavors.

Longleaf Distilling Co. Alba Thistle Liqueur

This unique liqueur is infused with thistle, offering a blend of floral and slightly bitter flavors that are both refreshing and intriguing. The craftsmanship behind this liqueur is evident in its balanced and smooth finish, making it a delightful addition to any cocktail or perfect for sipping on its own.

Brucato Amaro Chaparral

Brucato Amaro Chaparral brings a taste of the California wilderness to your glass. This artisanal amaro is crafted with a blend of native botanicals and herbs, resulting in a richly layered flavor profile that includes notes of wild herbs, citrus, and a touch of sweetness.

January Spirits Genepy

January Spirits’ Genepy is a delightful nod to traditional alpine herbal liqueurs. Made with alpine herbs, this liqueur offers a fresh and aromatic profile that is both invigorating and complex. The bright, herbal notes are complemented by a smooth, slightly sweet finish, making it a versatile choice for a variety of drinks or as a refreshing aperitif.

Strega Liqueur

Strega Liqueur is an iconic Italian herbal liqueur known for its bright yellow color and rich, complex flavor profile. Crafted from a secret blend of about 70 different herbs and spices, Strega offers a unique taste that includes hints of saffron, mint, and juniper. Its harmonious blend of flavors and smooth finish make it a timeless classic.

These exceptional herbal/botanical liqueurs from the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition showcase the diverse and intricate world of herbal spirits. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these liqueurs offer a captivating exploration of unique flavors and expert craftsmanship. Stay tuned for the announcement of the ultimate award winner at the Top Shelf Awards Gala!