Exploring the Best in Class Cream/Dairy Liqueurs from the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  05.10.2024

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is renowned for identifying and celebrating the finest spirits from around the globe. In the cream and dairy liqueur category, the 2024 competition showcased an array of exceptional finalists, each offering a unique and indulgent drinking experience. Let’s delve into the best-in-class cream/dairy liqueur finalists that captivated the judges’ palates:

Old Tennessee Distilling Co. Lemon Ice Cookie

Old Tennessee Distilling Co. wowed judges with their Lemon Ice Cookie cream liqueur, a delightful concoction inspired by the nostalgic flavors of freshly baked cookies and zesty lemon. Crafted with precision in Tennessee, this liqueur offers a harmonious balance of creamy sweetness and tangy citrus, reminiscent of summertime indulgence.

Sugarlands Sippin’ Cream Birthday Cake Cream Liqueur

This liqueur combines the creamy richness of cake batter with hints of vanilla and frosting, creating a decadent treat fit for any occasion.

Black Irish Salted Caramel Irish Cream

Black Irish’s Salted Caramel Irish Cream is a delicious fusion of smooth Irish whiskey and indulgent caramel with a hint of sea salt. This exquisite liqueur embodies the rich heritage of Irish distilling, offering a velvety texture and complex flavor profile.

Saint Brendan’s Caramel Cream

Saint Brendan’s Caramel Cream represents a fusion of Irish tradition and Mexican flair, with its rich and velvety caramel-infused liqueur crafted in Jalisco, Mexico. This indulgent blend captures the essence of caramelized sugar and creamy goodness, delivering a luscious drinking experience. Saint Brendan’s continues to uphold its reputation as a purveyor of premium cream liqueurs, blending innovation with time-honored craftsmanship.

McLaughlin Distillery Mario’s Creamy Limoncello

Mario’s Creamy Limoncello offers a twist on the classic Italian liqueur, combining the vibrant flavors of zesty lemon with velvety cream.

Each of these cream and dairy liqueurs represents the pinnacle of excellence in its category, showcasing the diversity of flavors and the artistry of distillers from around the world.