Best Of Class Rum Finalists SFWSC 2022

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  04.08.2022

Every year, just a few of the very best of each category go head-to-head for our judges to determine the Best Of Class for dozens of spirit categories. Here, our finalists for Best White Rum, Best Dark/Gold Rum, Best Overproof Rum, Best Extra-Aged Rum, Best Flavored Rum, and Best Rhum Agricole of 2022. Winners will be announced in June.

Best White Rum Finalist
Cotton & Reed White Rum

Raw cane syrup and blackstrap molasses from one of only eight Bonsucro-certified sustainable sugar producers in the United States is fermented with a rhum agricole yeast strain and a chenin blanc yeast strain to create this white rum, distilled in Washington, DC. Light in body with a delicate mango and banana aroma. Notes of vanilla and molasses on the palate and a hint of grassiness finish.

Best Dark/Gold Rum Finalist
Rum Co. Of Fiji BATI Dark Rum

RUM Co. of Fiji’s Bati Dark Rum comes in at 37.5% ABV and drinks smooth and rich. It is matured in charred oak vats for 2 years and filtered through coconut shell carbon creating a distinct Fijian rum that’s bursting with dried fruit characters with charred oak and molasses to finish.

Best Dark/Gold Rum Finalist
Ron Colón Salvadoreño Dark Aged Rum

Produced in the Netherlands, this dark aged rum consists of a blend of 70% 6-year-old column-still Salvadorean rum, 15% unaged Jamaican pot-still rum, and 15% 3-year-old Jamaican rum. It’s made with local sugar cane and aged in white oak ex-bourbon barrels. Sweet vanilla on the palate with a lingering finish with notes of caramel, molasses, and a slight pepperiness.

Best Overproof Rum Finalist
Rum-Bar White Overproof Rum

Rum-Bar White Overproof is a blend of three different unaged rums, all produced at Jamaica’s Worthy Park Estate. The distillery is a 100% pot-still operation whose molasses comes from their own sugar mill less than a mile away. The aroma is earthy and vegetal with slightly fruity notes. Semi-sweet on the palate with notes of banana and tropical fruits, and a long sweet finish with a bit of pepperiness.

Best Extra-Aged Rum Finalist
Zacapa XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial Rum

This bottle holds a blend of Guatemalan rums aged 6-25 years in American whiskey and sherry casks, then finished in French oak casks that previously held cognac for a smooth finish. Vanilla and coconut aromas on the nose. Sweet and fruity on the palate with a pronounced caramel note. 

Best Extra-Aged Rum Finalist
BACARDÍ 16 Year Gran Reserva Especial Rum

A limited and extremely rare rum blend, crafted by Bacardi’s Master Blenders, who have hand selected the most exceptional barrels of aged rum from the Bacardi Family’s reserve in Puerto Rico. Gran Reserva Especial delivers warming woody notes, stone fruits, caramel, and a smooth finish with hints of vanilla.

Best Flavored Rum Finalist
Kōloa Kaua’i Coffee Rum

Kōloa produces this cacao chocolate-flavored rum on Hawai’i’s island of Kaua’i. It’s creamy with mocha notes and even at 80-proof — part of what makes this rum so unique—it has a buttery smooth taste, highlighted by subtle notions of spice. The journey comes full circle with the accent of balanced cacao nibs and a pleasant strong coffee finish. A perfect addition to a hot chocolate.

Best Flavored Rum Finalist
Distillery Mariana Morbleu Rum

Québec’s Distillery Mariana’s Morbleu is a spiced rum that combines 5 spices: cardamom, star anise, rosemary, cinnamon and vanilla. It starts off with aromas of spices and chocolate on the nose and just a hint of coffee. Distinctive cocoa delights the palate with hints of nutmeg and clove, followed by a long sweet finish with notes of molasses, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Best Rhum Agricole Finalist
Clément Rhum Blanc Agricole

“Rhum Agricole” is distilled from sugarcane juice as is typical in Martinique and proudly wears the “AOC Martinique” designation signifying an exemplary degree of expertise in every stage of production.  It is rested in stainless steel tanks for 6 months and gradually reduced over time with volcanic spring water. Vegetal on the nose with a distinctive green bean aroma. Semi-sweet on the palate with a hint of black pepper.