Best Of Class Vodka Finalists SFWSC 2022

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  04.05.2022

Every year, just a few of the very best of each category go head-to-head for our judges to determine the Best Of Class for dozens of spirit categories. Here, our finalists for Best Vodka and Best Flavored Vodka of 2022. Winners will be announced in June.

Best Vodka Finalist
Platinum 10X Vodka

Platinum 10X Vodka is distilled – you guessed it – 10 times, for a clean, smooth vodka. They follow the pursuit of perfection, starting with American-grown grain. Our judges detected slight notes of stone fruit in this otherwise crisp and pure spirit.

Best Vodka Finalist
Seagram’s Platinum Vodka

Seagram’s distills their Platinum Select Vodka from high quality American grain and bottles at 100 proof. This creates a bold and rich, yet smooth vodka perfect for mixing in cocktails or enjoying on the rocks.

Best Vodka Finalist
Detroit Vodka 8 Mile

8 Mile Vodka from Detroit Spirits Distilling Company is uniquely smooth vodka, starting off with a base of wheat. Our judges found it to have a nice minerality and creamy texture.

Best Flavored Vodka Finalist
Guillotine Au Caviar Petrossian Vodka

Caviar flavored vodka? Why, yes, indeed; they infuse Ossetra caviar into each batch. Mix this up in a martini or drink neat with your favorite roe spread.

Best Flavored Vodka Finalist
GlenPharmer Ghost Vodka

GlenPharmer’s Ghost Vodka is a spicy, bright infusion of ghost peppers into their distillate’s base. The result is a spicy but clean well-flavored spirit.