Best Lagers at The Tasting Alliance 2023 World Beer Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  01.04.2024

The Best Lagers showcased at The Tasting Alliance’s 2023 World Beer Competition consisted of rich bocks to crisply hopped pilsners, each brew offers a glimpse into the fascinating state of lagers within the dynamic beer industry. These lagers, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully designed, not only embodied the traditional essence of the style but also boldly showcased innovative twists and techniques, reflecting the multitude of possibilities within the realm of lager brewing. As experts converged to assess these creations, the competition became a canvas illustrating the multifaceted nature and boundless potential of this beer category.

Best Lager Light Beer: Oak Park Brewing Co. Peoples Beer

Brewed to the specs of Peoples Brewing recipe, this lager was brewed to pay homage to the legacy of Mr. Theodore Mack Sr., the first African American to own & operate an American Craft Brewery. This lightly hopped beer has little to no hop aroma and drinks easily.

Best Lager Strong Beer: Hi-Wire Brewing Leisure Time Lager

Chillax with a smooth, crisp, and refreshing American craft lager brewed patiently with 100% barley. Leisure Time Lager – the official beer of relaxation.

Best Lager Bock (Doppelbock) Beer: Einstök Doppelbock

Rich in both taste and aroma, this seasonal brew perfectly combines malted barley and chocolate tones for a mellow whisky finish. The sweet caramel notes give this brew a smooth full body. 

Best Lager Barrel-Aged Beer: Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers Barrel-Aged Framinghammer Baltic Porter

Framinghammer is a unique creation that pays homage to our hometown of Framingham MA. Each batch spends a lengthy conditioning period in various casks to create a smooth, chocolatey texture that compliments some creative additions.


The Pleasing Gene from Little Brother Brewing is an impeccably crafted brew that embodies a delightful symphony of flavors of honeysuckle leading to a crisp finish.

Little Brother Brewing is not just about crafting exceptional beers; it’s a celebration of community, innovation, and unwavering passion for the craft. Each creation, including the Pleasing Gene, represents the brewery’s commitment to excellence and the art of creating memorable drinking experiences.

These lagers paint a vivid picture of a beer style constantly pushing boundaries, inviting enthusiasts to savor the diverse flavors and experiences they offer. Explore these brews and more on the shoppable page on our website.