Best Stadium Beverage Program 2023: Barclays Center Celebrating Brooklyn’s Food & Beverage Essence

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  12.19.2023

Barclays Center, located in Brooklyn, New York, isn’t just a stadium; it’s a celebration of the borough’s vibrant food and beverage identity. Recently honored with The Tasting Alliance’s Best Stadium Beverage Program 2023 Award, Barclays Center stands out for its exceptional initiatives – Brooklyn Taste and Brooklyn Toast.

These programs are more than a nod to the local neighborhood; they are a heartfelt embrace of Brooklyn’s diverse landscape. Showcasing an array of selections sourced from restaurants, vendors, and suppliers spanning across Brooklyn, the stadium offers a unique and immersive food and beverage experience. Barclays Center is committed to spotlighting neighborhood cocktail bars. These bars curate award-winning signature cocktails presented both in bottled and tap form, each bottle adorned with labels styled in authentic Brooklyn graffiti, paying homage to the arena’s roots.

Brooklyn Taste and Brooklyn Toast are more than platforms; they’re embodiments of the community spirit. They encapsulate the very essence of Brooklyn’s food and beverage scene, celebrating local flavors, traditions, and the ever-evolving culinary landscape. The Tasting Alliance’s recognition of Barclays Center’s commitment to celebrating local bites and drinks reaffirms the stadium’s position as not just an entertainment hub, but a food and beverage destination that proudly champions the essence of Brooklyn.