Best Vodka Finalists and Winner | 2023 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  09.13.2023

The New York World Wine and Spirits competition results have been officially released with the Sweep results rolling out starting on Tuesday, September 12th. Here is a look at the 2023 Best Vodka Finalists:

Best Vodka Finalist: The Muff Liquor Company Irish Potato Craft Vodka

The second release from the Muff Liquor Company is a vodka inspired by the old recipes of Granda McClenaghan. Muff vodka is distilled six times creating a crisp, clean liquid hand-crafted by using the finest Irish potatoes. The result is a premium vodka that is finely balanced with a creamy and earthy taste and a hint of vanilla on the nose. A modern take on a classic generation.

Best Vodka Finalist: Three Olives Vodka Grape

Three Olives® Grape is delicious and extremely mixable, meant to be part of the fun and add flavor to the everyday. It is true to taste, allowing for fresh, yet simple three-ingredient mixed drinks. With impactful concord grape flavors, including hints of dark berry wine and florals, it has a bright and floral finish.

Best Flavored Vodka Finalist: STUMBRAS VODKA CRANBERRY

A traditional vodka produced since 1906 in the Lituanian town of Kaunas. This version, flavored with cranberry is showing acid and bitter notes. Can be drunk before or after-dinner and even during the dinner if you are eating fowl dishes.


The best overall vodka is the first organic vodka made in Lithuania. Stumbras Vodka Organic is produced according to a certified and strictly controlled production process. Grain spirit made from wheat grown on an organic farm, deep subsurface water and filtration trough linen filter – a technique new to Lithuana give Stumbras vodka organic its unique and exceptionally smooth taste.