Better on Draft Podcast Feature

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  09.27.2023

In a conversation with the Better on Draft Podcast, President Amanda Blue and Director of Global Partnerships Gina Sassano of The Tasting Alliance provided a glimpse into the intricate world of beer and RTD competitions. This discussion not only delves into the history of The Tasting Alliance, known for hosting some of the world’s most prestigious spirits, wine, and beer competitions, but also unveils the meticulous processes that fuel these events. From the careful curation of esteemed judges to the fascinating dynamics of blind judging panels, the podcast unravels the secrets behind selecting the best libations. For anyone curious about the impact of competitive beer competitions on enthusiasts worldwide, this podcast is full of insights. Tune in below to discover how The Tasting Alliance is shaping the preferences of beer aficionados, one competition at a time.