Exploring Award-Winning Craft Breweries in the Heart of the American South

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  10.31.2023

The American South is known for its rich cultural heritage, and this extends to its ever-expanding craft beer scene. These breweries in this region have mastered the art of brewing, earning accolades and admiration from beer enthusiasts far and wide. Grab a pint, sit back, and join us as we explore the top award-winning breweries that call the South their home.


DSSOLVR transcends the boundaries of being merely a brewery; it’s a full-fledged brand meticulously sculpted by collaborative vision. This brand’s essence is represented through its liquid and visual identity. Within the DSSOLVR realm, an avant-garde aesthetic emerges, skillfully combining Surrealism and Absurdism while infused with the contemporary vibes of internet memes. Brewing the Unreal: At its core, DSSOLVR embarks on a relentless quest to serve up the most surreal concoctions, brilliantly showcasing the finest from the realms of both classical and cutting-edge brewing traditions.

DSSOLVR has adopted its tagline (brewed until surreal) as a guiding philosophy. The motto dictates a perpetual drive for development and redevelopment, where every facet of their work is a perpetual work in progress. Evolution is at the heart of their creativity, constantly embracing new looks and sensations to enrich their overall aesthetic. With DSSOLVR, be prepared for an odyssey of the unexpected as they traverse the vast spectrum of flavors and tastes. Oh, and don’t expect more vowels – that’s just not their style, no matter what your spell check might insist.

Archetype Brewing

In 2016, Archetype Brewing imagined a brewery that would brew beers that are experimental, funky, and would push boundaries, reflecting the neighborhood culture. The brewery was built to showcase the flavor of Asheville through the use of local ingredients, dynamic events, and constant experimentation. At the brewery, you can find everything from delicate barrel-aged saisons and Belgian strong ales to well-crafted pilsners and clean IPAs.

Gaston Brewing Co.

Gaston Brewing is veteran-owned and operated by a local husband and wife team. In 2017, Gaston opened its first location as a local brewpub on Hay Street in downtown Fayetteville.  Gaston has since grown to include two locations within Fayetteville, NC. The original location on Hay Street remains a full-service restaurant, while the second location on Chicago Drive provides a taproom for guests and houses a production line and brewery. The taproom opened in 2021 and provides a unique experience for guests. Several beers on tap are produced from Gaston’s beer lab and only served at Chicago Drive. The beer lab allows the brewery staff to produce small-batch beers for testing and an opportunity to be creative with ingredients and beer styles.

Little Brother Brewing

Little Brother is a small, boutique brewery with a unique take. Beer is brewed on-site at their downtown GSO taproom emphasizing experimentation and creative usage of ingredients. They also feature a one-of-a-kind “Homebrewer Spotlight” program to give homebrewers a studio and stage to share their craft with the community. The brewery is dedicated to showcasing hidden talent, whether homebrewer, musician, or local artisan by allowing them to share their story through the brewery’s patrons. With every visit, you will have the opportunity to experience the incredible culture of North Carolina. Whether you love beer, food, music, visual art, or just good times with friends, pull up a chair and “craft your own story” at Little Brother Brewing.

Second Pitch Beer Company

Second Pitch is a family-owned craft brewery in San Antonio striving for beer that is different from the norm, strong in flavor, and harkens back to traditional roots. Jim Hansen, a seasoned brewer from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, is the founder of Second Pitch. Jim and his wife, Samantha (a San Antonio native) are working tirelessly to help move the San Antonio beer scene into the national spotlight hoping to turn San Antonio into a beer destination. At Second Pitch, their brewery has been designed to help create the highest quality product possible – from grain handling to the Reverse Osmosis system.

The next time you’re in the South, don’t miss the chance to visit these remarkable breweries and discover the liquid artistry that’s making waves across the nation. Be on the lookout for the 2023 Tasting Alliance World Beer Competition award winners as the competition concludes on December 4, 2023.