Cutwater Spirits – Crafting Quality and Sustainability in Every Sip

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  09.11.2023

Cutwater Spirits, founded in 2009, is a craft spirits brand built on home-brewer roots making the best of the best in beer. This same dedication to quality and small-batch production has now made them one of the fastest-growing brands in the market.

Cutwater Spirits boasts an impressive collection of over 15 premium spirits ranging from vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, and tequila. Amongst the selection, their mezcal particularly stands out. Whether you’re looking to impress guests or enjoy a nightcap, Cutwater Spirits’ mezcal is sure to elevate your drinking experience.

While developing Cutwater tequilas, Master Distiller Cherney was inspired to further explore agave-based spirits. Through this exploration, Cutwater Mezcal was developed with the same meticulous attention to quality and a long-term commitment to supporting sustainability initiatives at the distillery. To develop Cutwater Mezcal, Cherney works closely with Durango-based distillery (CRM: D614G) owner Gaston Martinez and his Master Mezcalero. After touring and learning about the distillery, Cherney knew he had found the perfect partners to further the brand’s vision. Today, Cutwater Mezcal is produced in Durango as a collaboration between the two distilleries.

Winning Platinum after three consecutive Double Gold wins has been a tremendous honor for the brand. Cutwater sources the highest-quality ingredients to ensure the resulting liquid matches in taste. With over 3,000 industry awards under their belt, the proof is in the spirit. Whether you’re experiencing their award-winning spirits or their 20+ innovative canned cocktails, you can taste the consistency and quality in each and every product they make.

When you enjoy Cutwater Mezcal, you can expect notes of green pepper with a sweet, cooked agave finish, and a subtle smoke that lingers on the palate. Cutwater Mezcal Joven is a great sipping mezcal, but it is also enjoyable in a refreshing cocktail.

With sustainability at its core, Cutwater is committed to the long-term sustainability of wild agaves in the region. For every wild Cenizo Agave harvested for production, Cutwater is planting five Cenizo Hijuelos (baby agave) and establishing an on-premise nursery to cultivate new agave plants from seed to ensure biological diversity for future Cenizo in the wild. Cutwater has kicked off this initiative with this first limited-run Mezcal and plans to build upon these efforts each year as production grows.

Cutwater has been innovating since its inception and is always looking for new ways to open the bar to bring great-tasting, high-quality drinks to its consumers. With Cutwater’s portfolio of products currently distributed in 48 states, the positive response from consumers is what continues to drive the brand. 

Looking to get your hands on this exceptional spirits brand? Visit Cutwater’s store locator to find a bottle or can near you: