Discover the World’s Best Beers from The Tasting Alliance World Beer Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  10.09.2023

In a global celebration of brewing excellence, The Tasting Alliance World Beer Competition sifts through the world’s best to identify the crème de la crème of beers that have been meticulously selected by a blind tasting panel. From robust stouts to hop-forward IPAs, join us on a journey as we explore the top-notch brews that have earned the prestigious title of the world’s best according to The Tasting Alliance World Beer Competition. Cheers to discovering your next favorite brew! 

Archetype Brewing Talking To Plants Belgian Style Witbier – Best Wheat

Best in Show Tasting Note: A lovely witbier with notes of ginger, orange peel, & spice. If you are looking for a refreshing & well-balanced summer beer, look no further.

Archetype Brewing believes that beer is a canvas for self-expression, skillfully combining the fundamental ingredients of grain, hops, yeast, and water. Their approach results in beers that not only possess distinctive personalities but also embody the essence of Jung’s archetypes. One masterpiece from their collection is “Talking To Plants,” a captivating interpretation of a Belgian Wit. Here, tradition meets innovation as Archetype infuses the classic bitter orange peel and coriander with an intriguing spice blend that transcends ordinary beer.

Transmission Brewing Down Shift Pilsner – Best Lager

Best in Show Tasting Note: “Light, refreshing, and crisp with a mild floral aroma.”

Housed in a repurposed auto-mechanic shop, Transmission Brewing boasts a portfolio that extends beyond a dozen innovative beers to include a variety of refreshing seltzers. Among their noteworthy creations is the Down Shift Pilsner, a homage to classic European lagers with its infusion of floral hops and traditional German malts. Each sip is an exploration of flavor and a celebration of their commitment to brewing excellence.

Transmission Brewing Mudflap Brown – Best Dark

Best in Show Tasting Note: “A full-flavored ale with a great nose and well-balanced maltiness.”

Transmission Brewing received another best-in-show award for Best Dark. The Mudflap Brown has comforting malt flavors, mild bitterness, and a subtle hoppy flavor in the background.

Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA – Best Non-Alcoholic

Best in Show Tasting Notes: “Classic West Coast character with an excellent aroma and mouthfeel.”

The Athletic Brewing Company has been a pioneer in brewing non-alcoholic beers. Run Wild is the ultimate sessionable IPA for craft beer lovers. Brewed with a blend of five Northwest hops, it has an approachable bitterness to balance the specialty malt body. Always refreshing and only 65 calories.

Connecticut Valley Brewing Co. Spiked Smoothie Blueberry Lemonade – Best Flavored

Best in Show Tasting Notes: “Delicious and refreshing tart lemon with a well-balanced berry infusion.”

Connecticut Valley Brewing Co. offers an impressive lineup of 120 distinct beers and seltzer-like beverages. Standing out in their range are two dozen Spiked Smoothies, a fusion of fruit-flavored beers, CBD-spiked sparkling waters, and a tempting array of seltzers. One standout in this collection is the Spiked Smoothie Blueberry Lemonade, a blend that captures the essence of freshly picked blueberries and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Little Brother Brewing King in the Castle

Little Brother Brewing’s “King in the Castle” is an exceptional brew delivering a robust and deeply malty ale that’s tailor-made for the chillier months.

Otherwise Brewing Hella Nibs, Chocolate Stout

Starting with a rich imperial stout recipe, the brand infuses the beer with HELLLLLLA cacao nibs and a kiss of vanilla for balance. If you’re a fan of big, bold dessert beers, this is the brew for you! The base for Hella Nibs is a mix of millet and rice malts, selected to emphasize caramel sweetness and a beautiful black hue. The brand then adds a touch of buckwheat malt and flaked oats, which contribute a creamy mouthfeel, blending into the background and helping the flavors pop. The end result is a lush, fudgy, chocolate-forward drinking experience that goes great with—or replaces—dessert.

Four Point Beer Company Sfizio Italian Style Pilsner

The Sfizio Italian Style Pilsner is the brand’s take on the modern Italian Pilsner – crisp, extra bubbly, and just hoppy enough for when you want an easy-going beer with a bit of a bite.

Burlington Beer Company Barista (Double Coffee Flavor)

Barista is a Double Coffee Porter, aged on locally roasted coffee beans by Abracadabra Coffee Company. This Robust Porter is aged on more than Two Pounds of Coffee per Barrel for an intense character of freshly brewed Coffee, complimented by malt flavors and aromas of Dark Chocolate, Raisins, Caramel, and Vanilla.

With registration entries closing on November 3, you don’t want to miss your chance to participate in the 2023 competition for an opportunity to snag one of the coveted titles.