Finalists of the Best in Class Baijiu Award from the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  05.10.2024

Baijiu, the pride of Chinese distillation, holds a revered place in the hearts of spirits aficionados worldwide. With its rich history dating back centuries, Baijiu stands as a testament to the artistry and tradition deeply ingrained in Chinese culture. Crafted from a variety of grains such as sorghum, rice, wheat, and corn, Baijiu boasts a diverse range of flavors, each encapsulating the essence of its unique distillation process.

Amongst the finalists competing for the coveted title of Best in Class Baijiu, four outstanding contenders have emerged:


This Baijiu boasts a complex flavor profile characterized by delicate floral notes, hints of stone fruit, and a subtle peppery finish.

Zhengzushaofangjiu Zhengzulaojiu V10

Aged to perfection in the cellars of Moutai, this Baijiu unveils layers of complexity with each sip. Its harmonious blend of ripe fruit, fragrant herbs, and a touch of oak delivers a symphony of flavors that culminate in a smooth and lingering finish.

Zhengzushaofangjiu Zhengzulaojiu V30

Another masterpiece from the esteemed distillery of Guizhou Moutai Town, Zhengzushaofangjiu Zhengzulaojiu V30 has been aged for three decades in the rarefied air of Moutai. This Baijiu exudes dried fruits, warm spices, and a whisper of smoke.

Shirongxiaojiu Shoucangjia (Huangjinban)

This Baijiu showcases a rich flavor profile, with notes of caramelized sugar, toasted grains, and a subtle hint of honey.

These finalists stand as shining examples of the artistry and dedication that define the world of Baijiu. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as part of a sophisticated cocktail, these exceptional spirits promise an unforgettable tasting experience, inviting connoisseurs to embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Chinese culture with every sip.