Kristone Handcrafted Vodka

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  04.16.2022

The Crystal Rain Distillery in Wheeling, Illinois has one main goal: to produce the smoothest, purest spirits they can, using organic ingredients and state of the art distillation techniques. Kristone Handcrafted Vodka is a gleaming example, made solely from organic winter wheat and lab tested, reverse osmosis water. They distill six times, utilizing both traditional copper and two column stills, to produce the clean, crisp handcrafted vodka that won a Gold medal at SFWSC in 2022.

Founded in 2019, the Crystal Rain Distillery quickly found themselves in the midst of the pandemic, producing hand sanitizer for their community, and needed to put their goals of producing premium spirits on hold. By late 2021, Kristone Vodka had made its way onto the market. Currently one of the biggest craft distillers in Illinois, the distillery is still building, and will feature a restaurant onsite. This enhanced experience is expected to open for visitors later this year.

Kristone Vodka was created with only one thing in mind – to make the best vodka possible. At its base is 100% organic American winter wheat, a high quality, expensive variety that provides a full body, creamy texture, and longer finish. These characteristics make it the perfect base for a Martini or sipping neat, to appreciate the balance of flavors and texture, without needing to mask it with sugary mixers or juices. Kristone’s signature six distillations and the silver and platinum filtration process bring out an even smoother, crisper vodka with a clean finish to be revered for its clarity. Try it in a classic Martini with both an olive and a lemon twist, alongside a charcuterie board; as you taste through each sip and bite, admire its softness and long finish, especially that peppery bite on the end.

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