Lost Woods Whiskey Co. – A Winner with a Purpose

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  12.19.2023

Lost Woods Whiskey Co., a premium American Single Malt Whiskey, has not only secured a prominent place in the world of spirits but has also emerged as a champion for the outdoors and an advocate for climate change solutions. Founded nearly six years ago by outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist Tom Schaeppi, the brand has seamlessly blended his love for nature with his passion for crafting exceptional whiskey.

Lost Woods’ flagship offering, the Lost Woods 88, has proven to be a force to be reckoned within the American Single Malt Whiskey category. The signature 88 recipe, a no-age statement whiskey, achieved a rare feat by winning double gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021 and 2022, and an impressive Platinum award in 2023, solidifying its status as a top-tier whiskey before even hitting retail shelves.Lost Woods 88, the heart of the company’s portfolio, is a true sipping whiskey designed for connoisseurs who appreciate clean, balanced, and refined flavors. The judge’s tasting notes describe it as a “classic single malt whiskey,” appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers, from seasoned whiskey drinkers to those new to the spirit.

Tom Schaeppi strategically entered Lost Woods into the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, recognizing its potential to be a game-changer for the brand. The unprecedented three consecutive double gold medals and subsequent Platinum award have not only differentiated Lost Woods but also garnered attention from some of Minnesota’s, Lost Wood’s home state, finest retailers and restaurants. In its first year of consumer sales (2023), Lost Woods has secured placements in over 60 locations, with strategic expansions on the horizon. Due to the achievements at the Competition, Lost Woods 88 was poured at Bar Convent Berlin at The Tasting Alliance’s booth, where it gained even more global attention. 

Building on the success of the 88, Lost Woods Whiskey Co. is set to introduce a limited-edition Cask Strength variant during the 23/24 Winter season. The Cask Strength, already a Gold Medal winner at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, promises to elevate the brand’s reputation for excellence and innovation.

Lost Woods Whiskey Co. stands not only as a Double Gold winner in the world of spirits but as a beacon for environmental advocacy. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and giving back, the brand has carved a unique identity that resonates with consumers and industry professionals alike. As Lost Woods continues to grow, it strives not only to create exceptional spirits but also to make a lasting impact on environmental causes nationwide. Founded on the principles of inspiring conversation and action on environmental efforts and climate change, the company gives back 1% of sales to support the natural environment. Tom Schaeppi envisions expanding Lost Woods into a national brand and a certified B Corp, allowing the brand to contribute to local environmental organizations across the country.

Lost Woods 88 is best served neat or with ice.