SIP Margs: Summer In A Can

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  06.23.2022

Who’s ready for summer?

Now that the season is officially upon us, we are ready for longer days, warmer weather, going to the beach, easy-drinking cocktails, going to the lake, vacations, and everything else that comes with it.

Did we mention cocktails? Oh, we did, and right at the top of that list is a Margarita. There is little more refreshing than a citrusy and flavorful Margarita when the temperature is on the rise.

Of course there’s a joy in sitting at a bar watching a bartender shake up that perfect drink, but it’s summer (remember?) and it’s time to get outside. What we really need is that go-to classic ready at a whim right from the shelf, cooler, or fridge.

Enter SIP Margs. The SIP team made exactly what you were looking for – easily portable, but super refreshing sparkling margaritas. Produced with premium spirit base — no malt here — natural ingredients, and pure sparkling water. They are extremely refreshing and clock in at a reasonable 5% alcohol by volume so you can have a few and still hang out till sundown. Really, they’re the perfect summer drink to have on hand.

There are currently 5 flavors in the Margs collection, each one fitting into a perfect range of styles for all your Margarita needs. Classic, with its well-balanced citrusy flavor, is great for those who prefer it the traditional way. Mango has the juicy taste of ripe mangoes and is a tropical paradise itself, but if you enjoy some pina colada vibes, you should try mildly sweet Coconut Marg for a flavor that will take you right to a tropical beach. Spicy Margarita has notes of passion fruit, yuzu, and jalapeño pepper in addition to classic Margarita taste. Finally, they are up on the trends and offer Mezcal, which explores the depth of Mexican traditional spirit made from agave with its distinctive smokiness and herbaceous flavors balanced with a pleasant sweetness.

Having such a broad range of varieties provides the opportunity to try new tastes without veering too far from a familiar flavor. The colorful, fun packaging of each flavor provides even more reason to try them all.

SIP Margs caught our judges’ attention at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and have already received their first Double Gold medal for their Sparkling Mango Margarita. This top honor is only bestowed to those products that are exceptional and really wow the highly-esteemed judges.

The company’s co-founder Brian Axelrod shared a secret why their product is so successful: “While other canned margaritas are malt based or high in sugar, MARGS is made with real tequila and low in sugar and calories. To keep it simple, we taste better than any hard seltzer or canned margarita out there.”

This delicious sparkling cocktail was described by our judges as bright, fruity, and refreshing. Good thing they come in a four-pack!

SIP Margs are truly summer in a can, from the fruity and bold flavors to the portability of their slim can.

Still in their early stages, the company has initially launched in just 3 states: New York, New Jersey, and Florida, though they are expanding. It’s available at various shopping locations and marquee venues such as MetLife Stadium, Highmark Stadium, UBS Arena, and the Tao Group.

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