Top Spring Cocktails in San Francisco

by Erin Rea  |  05.05.2022

Every spring as the clocks change and the days get longer, we yearn for lighter, brighter cocktails to highlight the season’s new crops or as an accompaniment to basking in those days over 65°. This time of year the weather in San Francisco varies, so we can never stick to just one type of drink. Here, 5 of our favorite cocktails we’ll be drinking this spring throughout the city.

Sagamore Spirit BSRye

Anthony Attanasio, Lead Bartender
Estiatorio Ornos

Sagamore Spirit “MINA” Barrel Select Rye, Cocchi di Torino, Genepy, ouzo

Zeus features Michael Mina’s own Sagamore Rye Barrel Select. The Maryland rye, known for its oak and tannins, is mellowed with brown sugar, Cocchi di Torino, and Genepy, then finished with an ouzo spritz. While this cocktail is inspired by a classic Manhattan, the addition of Genepy adds a pleasant floral and vegetal component that compliments the anise and spice-driven aromas of ouzo, creating a lighter, brighter sipper.

Snap Outta It
Tammy Hagans, Beverage Director
Mission Bowling Club

Highland Park 12yr Single Malt Scotch, manzanilla sherry, bay leaf falernum, lemon, cucumber- ginger shrub, English snap peas

Bay leaf falernum and cucumber ginger shrub, both made in house, elevate the flavors and boldness of this Scotch while manzanilla sherry adds some welcome salinity for balance. The cocktail is refreshing and tart, with a little acidity and fresh, vegetal flavors that scream spring. YUM.

Irene Kern, Bartender

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, amontillado sherry, tiki-tivo, li hing mui syrup, lemon

Li hing is a salted plum powder used as a snack topping in Hawai’i (similar to tajin in Mexico). The Cobrastyle is an anti-tiki cobbler that strikes a balance between the salt of the li hing and toasted molasses of Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum.

Dzu Nguyen

Golden Hour
Charlie Bauder, Bar Manager

Barr Hill Gin, amontillado sherry, masala brandy, toasted coconut water cordial, turmeric, lime, madras tincture

Barr Hill’s rich and aromatic gin, distilled from honey, creates the backdrop for this flavorful cocktail that tastes as bright as it looks. The housemade madras tincture brings in elements of smoked paprika spice blend, clove, and tamarind, complimenting toasted coconut and nutty sherry. This complex cocktail goes down easily, asking for another.

Frey’d Knot
Alicia Walton, Owner
Sea Star Bar

Frey Ranch Bourbon, Fiero Aperitivo, Leopold’s Tart Cherry liqueur, bitters, orange

Though it’s not exactly a seasonal release, this mainstay of Sea Star’s cocktail program is a permanent fixture on the menu for good reason. It holds the perfect balance of bitter, sweet, bright, and bold, bringing out the flavors in Frey Ranch’s signature Straight Bourbon while reminding us that longer days are here to stay. Cheers!