OJO DE TIGRE Joven Mezcal



OJO DE TIGRE Joven Mezcal

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold, 2022

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Tasting notes

  • Apple Apple
  • Herbaceous Herbaceous
  • Chocolate Chocolate

Ojo de Tigre Artesanal Mezcal is a unique blend of two sustainably cultivated agaves harvested by hand: Espadín from Oaxaca and Tobalá from Puebla.  Each imbues the spirit with unique characteristics. Herbal notes along with hints of fruit and citrus in the Espadín blend perfectly with the earthier, umami flavors of the older Tobalá. The final product showcases notes of green apple, citrus, and lemongrass, followed by subtle hints of cooked agave and cocoa.