Chocolate Lover’s Dream Martini

Chocolate Lover’s Dream Martini

Tasting notes

  • Sweet Sweet
  • Silky Silky


4 ounces of J. F. Haden’s Espresso Liqueur

4 ounces of Chocolate Liqueur

8 ounces of Vodka

3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup or ganache


Swirl chocolate syrup inside the martini glasses, then pour some chocolate syrup onto a flat plate and dip the rims of the glasses to coat them.

In a cocktail shaker filled with roughly a cup of ice, mix together the espresso liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and vodka. Shake until the mixture is well chilled.

Pour the drink through a strainer into the glasses you’ve prepared. Optionally, top with chocolate shavings for added enjoyment.