Shawn Soole

Ambassador: Canada

Shawn Soole

Founder, Soole's Hospitality Concepts; Bar Manager, Clive's Classic Lounge

What began as a youthful ambition to craft the perfect cocktail, has matured into a proficiency across every aspect of beverage service.

Twenty years after being named State Title winner by the Australian Bartenders Guild, Shawn Soole continues to view the service industry as a medium to deliver his unique style of exceptional customer experience. From bar/restaurant concept creation, menu formulation, staff training and launch guidance, to branding, marketing and public relations strategies – Shawn’s experience and advancement of the industry have been prolific.

Shawn has co-authored the books Cocktail Culture (2013) Great Northern Cocktails (2019), BC Spirits Cocktail Book (2021), the second edition of Great Northern Cocktails (2022) and provides ongoing contributions to publications such as and EAT Magazine.

As a dedicated and vocal proponent of the industry, Shawn has presented keynote speeches (Lisbon Bar Show), increased public awareness for distillers in BC, Canada (BC Spirits) and continues to advocate his mission ‘to make the industry better for everyone’ (Post Shift Podcast.)

His input has been vital to the launch and/or ongoing success of numerous highly-acclaimed bar and beverage programs, such as Little Jumbo [2013], OLO [2015], Cafe Mexico [2016] and Pagliacci’s [2018].

To accommodate his growing role as a consultant, Shawn founded Soole Hospitality Concepts (SHC) – a network of industry leaders with decades of multi-faceted experience. Together they provide innovative responses to all the needs of hospitality-oriented businesses.

His firm belief in the importance of consistent personal growth drove him to recently complete a diploma in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Management (Camosun College), achieving a level of distinction that placed him on the Dean’s List.

In 2019, Shawn traveled to Singapore to consult on the conceptual development, systems implementation, and launch guidance for Miss Fitz and Roxy, two bars under the SOS Group banner. In 2020, he returned to the bar that started it all and took back over the multi award winning Clive’s Classic Lounge.