The French Vodka Reaching New Heights

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  12.15.2022

Rising 4807m (15,773 ft.) above western France lies the famed Mont Blanc mountain, highest peak in the European Alps. “The White Mountain” stands as a symbol of tranquility, beauty, crystal clarity and natural balance to all who encounter it. It is from this natural wonder that Mont Blanc Vodka draws not only its name, but its water too. This spring water used is so clean and pure, it requires little extra filtration.

Nestled in the heart of France, Mont Blanc Vodka begins with the finest wheat grown in the north of France, the homeland of Picardian wheat. . This famous French grain is of the highest quality and lends a unique taste to the vodka. Using quality French ingredients helps Mont Blanc Vodka stand out in sea of thousands of Vodka producers.

Achieving a uniquely smooth and neutral aroma that still produces a balanced flavor is something that the French Craftsmen behind Mont Blanc Vodka strive for.

This fairly new brand launched in 2019. Mont Blanc Vodka’s philosophy is that life is an ascent, “each step is a part of a great path leading to the top,” they created their vodka to inspire others to reach new heights. Mont Blanc Vodka received a Double Gold medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and 2022 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.

The Mont Blanc Vodka’s team was delighted to hear the news, “We are proud and highly appreciate the awards received. Such a high score can be regarded as a whole milestone in development of the Brand. Mont Blanc Vodka is just starting its story and the key point is to create an emotional connection and inspiration, fill life with unique moments and help to appreciate the value of them.”

The Judges wrote the vodka was, “a well-rounded vodka; clean nose with notes of lemon and pepper and a soft velvety finish.” We brought this award-winning vodka to Bar Convent in Berlin where attendees were very impressed with its refreshing smoothness.

Aside from their Double Gold Classic Vodka, the Mont Blanc portfolio extends to botanical vodkas as well. Their Grapefruit & Rose Vodka boasts of juicy citrus and delicate rose. The Cucumber & Mint Vodka provides refreshing and crisp cucumber notes with a touch of aromatic and invigorating mint. These two botanical vodkas are a staple for any cocktail lover, the combinations are endless. Below we have a holiday cocktail featuring the classic Mont Blanc Vodka.

Wheat Field Cocktail:


Mont Blanc Vodka – 1.1 oz

Cordial wheatgrass – 1.1 oz

Pet Nat – 1.1 oz

Combine ingredients and shake over ice. Garnish with lemon thyme and orange zest.

Mont Vodka is currently distributed in USA, Australia, Israel, Romania, Slovakia, Czechia, Italy, Spain, and Africa! Visit for more info on their Double Gold product and their new Botanical Collection!