Best Non-Alcoholic Beers at The Tasting Alliance 2023 World Beer Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  01.04.2024

The world of non-alcoholic beers is steadily carving its place in the beer scene, and The Tasting Alliance’s 2023 World Beer Competition brought forth some stellar contenders. From crisp lagers to aromatic IPAs and inventive stouts, the competition showcased the finest non-alcoholic brews. Let’s take a closer look at the finalists and the crowning champion who stole the show.

Best Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer: Athletic Brewing Company Wit’s Peak

Wit’s Peak is a lively and luminous Belgian-style White with ingredients that pay homage to the Old World style. It’s built upon classic flavours of wheat and malt interwoven with exotic spices and citrus peel. Coriander and orange dance across the palate alongside a light, crisp herbal bitterness. Smooth, silky and curiously savory, it’s beautifully layered and wonderfully bright.

Best Non-Alcoholic Marzen (Oktoberfest) Beer: Bravus Oktoberfest

This German-style lager is characterized by its rich amber color, offering a visually appealing experience. It boasts a delightful malty sweetness complemented by a distinct toasted bread-like flavor that adds depth to each sip.

Best Non-Alcoholic IPA Beer: Surreal Brewing Company Creatives IPA (West Coast)

Creatives West Coast-inspired IPA is the first of its kind, fermented with the ancient Norwegian Kveik yeast and innovative new varieties of hops! Tropical aromas and flavors are punctuated by a restrained piney West Coast hop finish. Awarded multiple international medals including World’s Best Non-Alcoholic IPA, this brew is perfect for IPA lovers and a must-have for every occasion. With ZERO sugar and only 44 calories, you can feel great about enjoying this IPA anytime you feel the craving for hops.

Best Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA Beer: Athletic Brewing Company Free Wave Hazy IPA

The Free Wave Hazy IPA is meant for the open road. Whether you’re cruising on a longboard or tracing your way up the coast on your bike, the Free Wave doesn’t cut corners. This mouth-watering IPA is loaded with Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops.

Non-Alcoholic Specialty Beer: Prestons Ginger Beer The Reserve

Brewed in the heart of sunny San Diego, Prestons’ Ginger Beer is a healthy, non-alcoholic alternative to sugary, carbonated drinks. Made with fresh organic Peruvian ginger root and all-natural ingredients, it’s no secret this bold-flavored beverage has numerous health benefits!

Best Non-Alcoholic Stout Beer; Best in Show Non-Alcoholic Beer: Bravus Gravitas IV Bourbon Stout

Celebrating its 8th anniversary, Bravus stands as North America’s pioneering 100% non-alcoholic brewery. Among its esteemed offerings, the Gravitas IV Bourbon Stout stands out, representing a testament to craft and innovation. This year’s rendition takes richness to new heights, as it marries dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and maple syrup. What sets this brew apart is its unique aging process; it rests in American oak bourbon barrels previously housing rum. The result? A symphony of oak, caramel, bourbon, and dark rum flavors intertwine, creating a Stout of unparalleled complexity and decadence.

Crafted in extremely limited quantities, Gravitas remains an elusive gem, with only a select few fortunate enough to savor its allure each year. Encased in an elegant 16.9 oz black matte champagne bottle, every unit of this exquisite creation is meticulously hand-filled, crowned, and labeled by the adept hands of Bravus’ master brewers.

From the innovative brews showcased, like the rich and complex Gravitas IV Bourbon Stout by Bravus, to various other stellar contenders, the non-alcoholic beer world is buzzing with creativity and exceptional flavors. For those eager to explore further, our website offers a range of these incredible brews, inviting you to savor the diversity and excellence within the realm of non-alcoholic beers. Cheers to expanding your palate and discovering your next favorite brew!