Best Pale Beers at The Tasting Alliance 2023 World Beer Competition

by The Tasting Alliance Team  |  01.05.2024

The 2023 Tasting Alliance World Beer Competition showcased the diversity of pale beer. From classic brews to inventive blends, these winners represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and taste in the pale beer realm.

Best Pale Beer Kolsch Beer: Trade Brewing Five Tool Kolsch

A crisp, balanced brew that blends tradition with innovation. This golden-hued beer offers a perfect harmony of malt sweetness and subtle hops, delivering a refreshing, clean finish.

Best Pale Beer Style Tripel Beer: Chimay Cinq Cents White

The Cinq Cents was first brewed in 1966 by reverend Father Theodore and it was his final contribution to the Chimay line of beers. It was formerly known as “White Cap” and nothing of its kind has been created ever since. Cinq Cents translates to 500, honoring the 500th anniversary of the Principality of Chimay whose support made the founding of the Scourmont Abbey possible in 1850. 

Chimay Cinq Cents has a typical golden color, a slightly hazy appearance topped with a fine foam that releases a bouquet of fruity esters and floral-hop aromas. The distinct hoppy bitterness perfectly balances the mellow flavors of muscat, golden raisins, and fresh bread.

Best Pale Beer American Style Pale Ale Beer: Funkytown Brewery Hip-Hops and R&Brew

Funkytown’s beer that started it all. Smooth and mellow with notes of citrus orange, fresh strawberry, and lychee.

Best Pale Beer Saison Beer: Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Bam Biere Farmhouse Ale

Bam Bière is a delicious, low-calorie, farmhouse ale named for our Jack Russell, who was struck by a car and bounced back in fine tenacious Jack Russell fashion. This farmhouse ale is brewed for those of us who knocked down, have picked up, dusted off, and carried on undaunted. Golden, naturally cloudy, can conditioned and dry-hopped for a tasty and tart balance of spicy malts, hops, and yeast.

BEST PALE BEER BELGIUM STYLE STRONG; BEST IN SHOW PALE BEER: Prodigy Brewing Hop Light District Hoppy Belgian Style Ale

Prodigy Brewing, a proud member of ‘Utah’s Own’ and a thriving family-owned establishment, celebrated its inaugural anniversary in July, marking a year and a half of crafting exceptional brews. As Logan’s premier and sole brewery, it has become a hub for community connection, embracing the belief that beer serves as a unifying force. With a vision to unite Cache Valley, the brewery’s founders sought to share their passion for brewing, believing in the power of beer to bring people together.

One standout embodiment of Prodigy Brewing’s dedication to innovation is their Hop Light District Hoppy Belgian Style Ale. This distinctive brew presents a bold harmony of earthy, herbal, and floral hops intertwined with zesty grapefruit. It exemplifies the brewery’s commitment to pushing flavor boundaries, delivering a full-bodied taste that encapsulates the essence of their craft.

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