Víctor M. Martínez Quezada

judge|Global Brand ambassador, Corporate Master Mixologist & Head Chef

Víctor M. Martínez Quezada

San Francisco World Spirits Competition Judge

In Victor’s Bar & kitchen, having fun while creating dishes of daring flavors is of paramount importance. He is a chef that cares about the details and uses wildflowers and plants that confer a modern identity to his approach. With a thorough knowledge of tequila, he also proposes an authentic Cocktail Bar menu that is highly appreciated by our visitors. Víctor has perfected his techniques in the countries of France, Belgium and Argentina, but it is here in Mexico where he has developed his recognized cooking style using regional elements and international accents, emphasizing the marriage with Sauza® tequilas.

He has collaborated with the renown chefs Andoni Aduriz, honored as the Second-best chef worldwide by both the Michelin Guide and the Food & Wine Magazine, and Martin Molteni, winner of the Bocuse d’Or Cup.

As a Sommelier and Mixologist, he has developed a state-of-the-art Cocktail Bar menu, merging fresh elements to reveal the notes of each of our brands, which conquer by their aromas and textures. He also creates unique garnishing and edible side-dishes that enhance the presentation of the spirits and reaffirm his innovative approach. Víctor is an audacious chef and mixologist who re-invents himself constantly and delights our visitors through an expression of flavors that are enjoyed with Sauza®.